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Re: MRI if no immediate family history

You are not being paranoid in the LEAST!
I was just told by my new breast surgeon two weeks ago upon 1st visit that just being a WOMAN puts me at risk for getting breast cancer.
both of my sisters have had breast cancer and one of my aunts. Plus my dad had colon cancer and brother hodgkins lymphoma.
I am at higher risk than others, but that does't necessarily mean i will wind up getting breast cancer. just being a woman these days puts us at risk and younger woman are getting it too.
it's nothing to put lightly.
what happened to me is I had to go to see my gyno for an annul exam when really all I was supposed to get was a refill on my estrogen patches. I dont' have any ovaries or uterus or tubes anymore due to a total hystectomy when i was 45. I"m now going to be 49 this June. I happened to mention to her my right breast feels dense and painful to some areas of the breast.
I had my mammo last fall and it was all clear.
my gyno didn't want to take any chances being I'm high risk and sent me for an ultra sound at my local hospital.
I never thought I'd get a phone call from my dr.telling me I have the choice of either waiting, or go to see a breast surgeon for an evaluation just to make sure I'm safe.
I chose to see the breast surgeon.
she sent me for an MRI, Now the radiologist in that hospt. wants to perform another ultra sound herself because something suspicious is showing up on the MRI on my right breast and my dr. said that MRI's can cause false positives and they just want to see if I need to get a biopsy performed. I have a choice as to which dr. will do the biopsy. either the radiologist doctor or my breast surgeon who both perfrom them different.
one does it with an MRI guided biopsy, and the other one with an ultra sound guided biopsy. so I"m pretty confused at this point as to who is my breast dr at this point. I thought i was only seeing one dr. but they must be working together?
my point to you is, any woman is at risk. I felt a change in my breast. it feels thicker and more dense when I examined it. actually I've BEEN feeling that longer than a year now. I jsut never said anything about it being my mammo came out clear.
IF I never said anything to my gyno at the time she ck'd me, no one would have ever referred me for an ultra sound which led to the MRi which may lead to having a biopsy and maybe finding a malignancy.
it's all freakish how it happened.
IF I have a malignancy, the mammor and the ultra sound never saw it.
only the MRI did.
the report of the MRI says that if the thing winds up being benign, I must have a follow up MRI in 6 months. so it must be something they're very suspicious of.
they're not making a big deal out of it and are just matter of factly about it.
so I"m not worried about it.
the thing that bothers me the most is waiting for his ultra sound to find out if these two drs want to perform a biopsy. and IF they do, they're also going to test one of the 3 nodes that enlarged also in my breast and along the side of the breast. the things measures 2.5 x 2.8 cm. and in the left breast they say they think are what fibroadenoma's and that the largest one measures 6mm

I think I had to have the ultra sound first before I was able to get the MRI.
it goes in steps. otherwise the insurance companies give a hard time paying for it. even with family history.

it's just the process.
I say go through the steps it takes to get an MRI and keep going to a dr. you find who will do it.

good luck to you,