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Re: What To Do Next...Don't Want Sinus Surgery...

About allergy testing - I believe I was told there is an allergist in the ENT office...should I go somewhere else?
If the person in the ENT office is a board certified allergist/immunologist you should be fine. Do not rely on an ENT or GP who has some allergy training

I have a SinuCleanse Pot which I use at least once a day, sometimes twice. I do feel better when I do it at least twice a day, but the ENT suggested I cut back to once every two days (after he couldn't explain my infection switching sides).
You might try a Sinus Rinse bottle - they work much better than the pots do. As for cutting back, you really should be irrigating at least daily and maybe more.

Oral steroids - I got a shot and a week (I think) of oral steroids my first ENT visit. Aren't these the ones that cause weight gain? Funny thing...I actually lost weight while taking them.
They only cause weight gain if you're on them for an extended period of time but it sounds like you've had at least one round (although a week is a fairly short round of steroids).

It sounds like allergy testing would be the next thing for you (and maybe trying a different antibiotic).