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Re: Terrified during the most exciting time of my life

hi dayandage ...
it is natural to be scared ... ebunselmeyer has given you some sound advice ... there are tests that can be done by a rheumatologist

being dx was probably one of the best things for me as i was made to feel like a hypochondriac and usually always had something, my bedside was a pharmacy ... i was dx at 27 y/o and now am 33 so my journey is relatively new ... but the treatments do work ... takes time sometimes to find the right one
Also if you do some more reading you will find that ppl succeed no matter (even with SLE) it is generally considered 'bad' when there is organ involvement

Don't think about this as shattering your dream but a way to help you understand your body and a way to help you cope while going for your dream
Good luck ... keep posting