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Wink Re: How do I help my friend?

The bible says "honor thy Mother and Father and your days will be long lived on earth" As children we tend to believe we have a duty owed to our parents and that if noone is going to do it then "I" will. I have to agree with Rosaflor,your friend is letting the family member get a "free pass" to go. What happens when your friend is stressed out and sick, and cannot take care of his mother who is to step in then? Social Services would have to render services then even if the other family member is not willing to look out for her. if the other family member don't step up and take some of the load, then his mother would have to set aside her pride and let someone take the load off of her son,meaning nursing home,or private duty. The best thing for your friend is that he has to do what is best for his physical, mental and emotional well being for himself. You can love your mother, but you have to love you first and know what is healthy. He is not abandoning her, he is only giving her the best care he knows that would benefit her and him. So he should reconsider his option carefully and put in proper care for his mother and himself.