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Re: I need your support, My 28 year old daughter passed away on March 18, 2009

My husband passed away December 15th 2008. He also had NHL, 2006 and went through 6 rounds of chemo, was in remission until April 2008. We were told he would have to have a bone marrow transplant. He began chemo again in May 2008, and had his bone marrow transplant in August. He really seemed to be doing well until around the first of November. He went in the hospital on Nov 12th and never came back home. He was in the hospital for almost five weeks on life support before he died. It is the hardest thing I have ever faced in my life I miss him so much it hurts. The chemo or the transplant damaged his lungs and he died from ARDS. Which really means his lungs quit working. I don't know what to tell you. I still could really care less if I wake up in the morning. I sometimes wish we had never went through with the transplant. I know that is the wrong answer, but I second guess all we did. Even though it won't bring him back. I just miss him more and more every day. It hurts, and I feel that the biggest part of me died with him. I don't know how to pick up what is left and carry on. Even though I know I have to I don't know how to.