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Re: MRI if no immediate family history

Looksee, you do what is best for you. I had a thickning in my left breast. Nothing showed on the mammo or ultasound. I played the 6 month wait time and really kept a close eye for any changes. Well, I felt some changes after about 5 1/2 months, so when I return to the breast surgeon, who again was not very impressed, I insisted that a biopsy be done. He was not happy but did agree to perform the procedure. It turned out that my non existing thickness was in fact a pre-cancerous mass that was removed. I took tamoxafin for 9 months, however, I had to stop taking the medication because of some serious side effects.
In terms of having a breast MRI. Yes there are quite a few false positives and also an increase of biopsies. My first Breast MRI led to 3 MRI guided biopsies. Thank heavens they all came back negative. I also have a large fibroadedoma that is being watched. Typically fibroadedoma are benign, what they watch for is if they suddenly begin to grow.

Linteck--it is also stanard practice to have a follow-up Breast MRI in 6 months after having a Breast MRI guided biopsy.

Having a Breast MRI is a personal choice. I chose to get the MRI because at the time I had a young child at home who I really would like to watch grow, get married and have children. I still have that child--she will be 13 next month. Still am enjoying watching her grow, I am just not happy with the pre-teen-teen years.

I also really lost some faith in the medical world when I had to fight to have what I knew was a mass removed and biopsied. We have all these options available to us, however, for some reason, some doctors are hesitant to use them.

The bottom line is do what feels right to you. If is concerns you, than fight to get answers until you are satisfied.

Looksee and Lintek

Good luck and let us know how you both do.

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