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Re: Sinus Tachycardia / PAC's & PVC's Support

I started experiencing PVC's about two years ago when I was 21... they literally came out of nowhere and were happening 3-4 times per minute for about a week straight. I went to the doctor... had an EKG - normal, ECHO - normal, lab work - normal... wouldn't you know it that my syptoms would disappear exactly when I'd want them to act up! We finally did a 24-hour Holter which showed my doctor that I wasn't crazy and was indeed experiencing PVC's. I started taking propanolol but had to stop after about a week... I was so tired and lethargic that I was scared to drive my car. Luckily the medicine, for even a short amount of time, seemed to have pushed Reset on my heart and my rhythm was normal up until a few months ago. I would still experience palps every once in a while. Some weeks were great, but somedays would be worse than others. Several weeks ago had a bad "episode". My heart was racing erratically, I nearly blacked out, and I tasted metal in my mouth... I had two of these episodes and they each lasted about 30 seconds. My coworkers called an ambulance, I had the same run of tests performed, and wouldn't you know it... nothing showed up! I had another Holter, this one for 48 hours. My results came back showing I was experiencing PAC's this time. Has anyone else experienced anything like this... or had their PVC's turn to PAC's? It's so nice to hear from other people who are going through this... sometimes I start to feel really crazy, because for as "common" as these are, I don't know anyone else who experiences this! Good luck to everyone! Also, does anyone have any thoughts on palps being related to food or diet?... I have acid reflux pretty persistently... any relation?