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Re: MRI if no immediate family history

Dear Shisslak,
so what they mean by a false positive with MRI's is that it will show something is there? when it's really nothing there? or is it showing a possible malignancy and it winds up being benign?
you felt something there when the MRI stated something was there.
I feel something there and the MRI is stating something is there too.
so what i really have find out now is whether it is a malignancy vs. benign. right?

what exactly do they mean by "false positive" that there's a malignancy?

I was so upset the other day when I went for my follow up ultra sound. I got there at 8 am on the nose.
I even had a premoniton that something was going to happen apptn. wise.
I even CALLED the hospt. to make SURE I was booked, but no one would pick up the phone in the imaging facility. the operator at the hospt. told me they open at 7 am. but no one picked up. I was going to confirm the apptn.
I did find out that I hadn't preregistered, so I wound up doing that when I got there.
so when I walked into the dr's office and stood there to give them my name, they said I wasn't on the schedule.
my heart dropped to hear that.
I FINALLY was going to have the darn test to find out whether we were going to pursue the biopsy.
I asked them if an angie was there and they said "yes" but that she's not there right now. I told them she was the one that booked the apptn.
I KNOW I wouldn't have booked the 7th of May becuase i have a colonscopy booked for the next day. it would be too close for me to book two apptn.'s together.
I even highlighted and wrote down the exact time when I initially spoke with angie when we booked the apptn.
the secretary went on to tell me that someone cancelled their 9:30 apptn and could I wait an hour and half? I decided to wait and stayed on the grounds and had coffee and read. etc.
I went back, got into the robe, went to sit down on the exam table only to have the nice technician tell me the dr. had a biopsy going on and another one right after me, which meant I'd be seen in between patients and that I'd wind up having to wait anywhere between 2 hours or more.
I was so upset. I asked her what she thought I shoudl do, becasue I want to maek sure I get the best treatemtn and not have it rushed.
so we opted to post pone my apptn and they fit me in at a time where there are no biopsies going to be performed around my time slot which winds up now having me to wait till May 11th.
I am very upset about this. I finally was going to have my mind put at ease only to have it blown away again.
this waiting is effecting my mental health. I'm finding myself wanting to do research on breast cancer and what other breast cancer patients went through before and after diagnosis.
i shouldn't be doing this to myself. but I can't help it.
If it's cancer, then I will deal wtih it. All I know is that I'm losing weight quickly, my health has been declining the past year at a fast rate and no one knows what to do about it. My breast surgeon said I must find a doctor to see because I dont' like the one Ive been going to for years.
all he does he refer me to specialtists who do nothing for me.
I have bone pain all over. a new spot each day, I have no appetite and when I finally do, nothing tastes good to me. I feel weak, can't even walk up a flight of steps and I look terrible.
losing too much weight on a woman looks horrible. I am not happy about it in the least. I went through a similar incident before I had my hysteectomy back in 2005. now it's happening again! and this time i"m worst. the bone pain and aches and pains are horrible. I"m on pain medicine that my rheumy dr gave me but we have no reason as to why all these sytmptoms are going on.
so I'm at the point of a break down. I'm tired of seeing dr.s and just want it done!
I am ready for any diagnosis, as long as I get one.
thank you for listening to my griping and moping around, but it's hard not to become frustrated at this point.
thank you for your reply.

good luck with everything too.
I only have to go for another MRI if it winds up being benign.

it's the ultra sound and biopsy i"m waiting for.
everything is wait, wait, waiting.....