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Re: I don't know where to start, but my dad has mesothelioma.

I am so sorry.....when I read that first line i had to stop and take a deep breath. I understand what you are going through and I know your feelings have to be similar to what I felt....GOsh, I wish I could say more. Just know that God will lend you his strength to get through these tough days ahead. You will go through stages, you will be mad, sad, not understand, think it isnt real and all of that. I still do, I hear it will get easier in time but I think for me the first year gets worse in time, but know there are people who care and I will be here whenever you feel down and need someone to understand. I do. You are in my prayers and that time of letting him go sounds so familiar. I wish you and your family comfort. I stole an idea from someone and made a tribute web site to my father, you may think about doing that too. I am glad you told me, but sorry of your news. Just please know I am here to chat with if you need anyone or just having a bad day and need to express it. private message me anytime. My heart goes out to you.....Missy