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Anyone with both GERD and Gastroparesis?

I've had GERD for about 20 years now, I'm 37 years old. Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis. I can tell the difference already because the extreme nausea is from the Gastroparesis, the burning acidy stuff is GERD. I would take the reflux over the Gastroparesis in a heartbeat if I had a choice but I don't and I am very miserable having BOTH conditions together!

Does anyone have both of these conditions and if so, what do you do for treatments? I am specifically looking for more alternative treatments for Gastroparesis? Anyone know anything about Gastroparesis and what might work to at least control it naturally?

Currently I am taking Ginger for nausea, it is a life saver but I want something that can actually DO something to maybe kick the Gastroparesis if that's possible or at least not let it bother me so much. I'm thinking digestive enzymes could help but I don't know much about them.


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