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Re: Swollen neck lymph node, sinus, jaw pain, etc...

Originally Posted by lmjh View Post
I have been to the doctors already, many times, and they either don't know or whatever they tried to treat didn't help me fully recover. This has been going on for 3 months now, and I'm pretty darn frustrated and tired of it all.

I'm going to start from november, and list things that could possibly be linked to my problem. I had my 2nd child in November. I tested positive for Group B strep, so took some penicillin before labor- don't know if that still stuck around after birth or what not. The end of November, I got mastitis, took antibiotics for that and got better. I realize that my body was still healing from having a baby, but usually after walking, exercising, you feel good, but I would feel so tired I just sat down for the rest of the day.

This is where it gets worse- beginning of February, (sorry if following info is tmi, but if I don't explain it well, I might not get the advice/help I need) i had intercourse for first time after having baby. I spotted a little after. called doctor and they said if it happens more than once to be concerned. Day after my whole body was so achy-like I had just worked out, the day after that i got a bit of a sore throat and noticed the lump on my throat, right side, under my jaw. Also my jaw on left side (opposite of lump) was sore and still to this day I cannot open my mouth fully because of the soreness and tightness.
I go to the doctors day 2 days after and he took a blood test which showed lots of inflammation in my body- 2 times more than normal. but he didn't know what the cause of the inflammation was. In the meantime I am so extremely tired, I could barely take care of my kids because I did not have the energy, so weird. so he sent me to hospital for further testing, where I got an xray of chest, ultrasound of lump on neck, and more specific blood tests for like mono. Of course everything came back normal- no cancer was found, no mono, lungs are clear, kidneys are fine. I was relieved but at the same time felt like, well then what in the world is wrong! That doc was of no further help as he told me to see how things go for 60 days and if i get joint pain or things don't get better to see him again then. I don't want to just sit here and do nothing, so aside from doing a lot of research by myself, I went to my Gyn and asked if maybe I had an infection or something on that end that was causing my inflammation.. he checked and sure enough there was bacteria, I had bacterial vaginosis. he gave me a prescription to do a one-time cream, which I felt helped greatly. my tiredness and fatigue went away, I could get 7-8 hours of sleep and feel great! But my sinuses still continued, lymph nodes swelling off and on with sporadic colds I'd get or something, and my jaw is still the same. I decided to check with my dentist- to see if there is possibly something in my mouth that is wreaking all this havoc. i told them about my jaw and I also get a weird bitter taste from my upper left side.they took xrays and noticed a little bit of infection/abscess underneath one of my root canal teeth-they send me to my endodontist where they drilled in through the tooth, sterilized it or whatever and then gave me some antibiotics to take. I finished taking them 1 1/2 weeks ago, and have been feeling great, had so much energy, felt normal again. but since then, I've had 2 bouts of crappiness- my sinus's got bad I couldn't breathe through my nose, and today, my sinus's are bad and my lymph node swelled up, and I feel pressure in my neck, it's so sore...... I'm about at my wits end, I have No idea what could be the cause of this. both my husband and I have been tested for Hiv, just in case, and turned out negative..... after taking antibiotics twice within 2 months, I bet my immune system is just trashed, i've been trying to build myself up, but I keep getting sick. I'm sick of getting sick all the time- my little girls seem to get sick too, but not as much as me.....if anyone has anything to share, any light to shed on this matter, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

I'm not sure if it could be this or not but I know your thyroid can get messed up during pregnancy and afterwards causing your immune system to ne lower than normal but I'm not sure about the inflammation. It might be a good idea to get your levels checked to be sure.