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Dx with Fifths Disease but still suspect Lyme. Worth getting a 2nd opinion?

hello everyone

i am an 18 y/o female who has been feeling sick for the last few months:

-irregular periods (every 2 weeks) for awhile
-fatigue (i am exhausted even after 10 hours of sleep on weekends)
-calf pain
-on/off muscle twitching (my entire body)
-i have developed anxiety and even ocd like tendencies since sept of 2008
-brain fog/lack of concentration (its hard for me to keep up my high marks in school which is troubling)

the above can be attributed to a lot of disorders (and just be completely psychosomatic) but the onset of new symptoms over the past few weeks is troubling to me:

-my asthma flared has up considerably. when i take deep breathes i get a pain in my chest. it feels like my entire chest cavity is inflamed. which makes me suspect pericarditis
- terrible, terrible joint pain. almost brinking on debilitating. started in my fingers, progressed to my wrists, ankles, toes, and now my knees. i am an avid runner but i have not mustered up the strength for even a brisk jog in two weeks.

i went to my GP who immediately suspected Lyme. I live in the NE and I have been riding horses for many years so I am considered 'high risk' She ran blood work and a urine analysis. A few days ago, the PA from the office called and told me everything was perfectly normal. (ANA neg, Lyme neg, Rh factor neg, Monospot neg) I was completely frustrated. I asked for my Dr. to call me back because I have become much worse. She called me back and I told her the joint pain has become a lot worse. She said on the blood work that
'just came in recently' showed indications of Parvovirus b19. Though I told her I have no rash she said that Fifths Disease typically presents with extreme joint pain in adults. she told me all I could do was wait it out a few more weeks and take motrin.

it has been a week, and nothing is working. I have probably tried every brand of ibuprofen and naproxin. the only thing that does give me relief oddly enough is not hot showers (which i think makes the pain worse actually), but cold showers. typically Fifths Disease lasts only a few weeks, but i have heard of the pain not subsiding for months and months for some adult cases. i found an infectious disease specialist who is a LLMD nearby on LI. i am wondering if it is worth getting a second opinion because LD tests are so typically unreliable or should i just accept the fifths dx and wait it out? am i just being silly?

thank you for any insight!
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