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Re: Dx with Fifths Disease but still suspect Lyme. Worth getting a 2nd opinion?

Originally Posted by cgranulomatis View Post
If you start barking up the Lyme tree with non-specific symptoms as you have, you'll end up in somewhat of a circular argument where you are "diagnosed" with the disease because some well-meaning doctor feels that conventional testing is inadequate. The problem is, you could end up being on long-term IV antibiotics, which other than being medically futile, is dangerous and can lead to harm to you and also to the population at whole by fostering antibiotic resistance. Not really all that helpful if the right diagnosis was a viral syndrome the whole time.
I very much agree with this - it seems that doctors can sometimes be easily 'lead' to believe a certain disease/illness exists because so many symptoms are the same in many illnesses. Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases have so many symptoms that it is almost impossible to distinguish them - joint, muscle, nerve pain, fatigue, mental issues, rash, etc, etc, every single bodily system and function. The tests are not 100% accurate. I was on IV abx for years and tons of oral abx, and am still no better for it. I feel ripped off and robbed of years of my life, along with my life savings.

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