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Re: Caregiver or hired maid?

My family used "caregivers" for many years with my parents. Each case has a different definition of "care." For my family, we mostly needed someone to just be in the home with my parents in case something happened, and it did include laundry, cleaning, cooking, driving to appointments, etc. It also included dispensing medication and baths. We used agencies as well as hired privately. The agencies would often send RNs. This was a huge expense for us, and most of the RNs did little more than watch TV and feed my parents bologna sandwiches. Our most precious and helpful caregivers over the years were 3 ladies who were 65-70 years old. All 3 had cared for their parents and husbands before their deaths, and were just naturally intuitive about what each of my parents needs were.

Definitely discuss what you are and aren't willing to do with your employer. Your skills may be better suitable for an institution rather than a private home.