Thread: Do I have MRSA?
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Do I have MRSA?

I went to the doctor (a free health clinic by the way because I don't have health insurance, even though I'm a full-time teacher - can you tell I'm sour?) on Wednesday night (April 29th), and she (the nurse practitioner) told me that I had a real severe skin infection in my left nostril, which has spread and lead to a dangerous sinus infection (though you'd never know because I'm not snotty, just mucusy). She gave me a prescription for bactrim. I'm to take two double strength pills two times a day, and I have been doing so since Wednesday. I'm going back this Wednesday to make sure that I'm on the right meds. I'm just feeling like maybe I should've been given a culture or some sort of nasal ointment. I don't know. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

P.S. I'm already aware of the side effects of bactrim. The only issues I'm having are mucus (I think) in my stool and severe nausea (I threw up this morning).

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