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Please help... 5 1/2 yr old child with allergies & chronic sinus infections

I am looking for insight from other parents who have a child suffering with chronic sinus infections... whether brought on by allergies or a virus. My daughter is 5 1/2 and since she turned 3 she started getting a horrible cough that would last weeks until she finally developed a fever and her pediatrician would place her on antibiotics. She would get better for about a month, but then the cough always came back and the same thing happens over and over. This has been going on WAY too long and I'm am desperatly looking for answers. The first part of March she was allergy tested and came back positive to grass, trees, ragweed, dust, mold, cat, dog, and strawberries. We had a yorkie and have since found him a new home. I do everything enviromentally that I can to prevent her exposures... especially her bedroom. She took claritin for a year or so and then we switched to zyrtec and have been on that for approx. a year and a half. Last friday, she started back up with a little cough so I started her on flonase, which she was recently prescribed (in march) as part of her treatment for another sinus infection. The allergist said we could either do allergy shots or try different medications. VAzotan and Vazobid were two she mentioned. I am always scared about the side effects of stronger medicines, but at the same time she hates the sound of getting shots all the time. She also had a sinus xray done back in march that showed her sinus cavaties being very congested. The ENT didn't give me any answers. He just said that we might look into removing her adenoids if the shots don't give her any relief. My hubby doesn't like the thought of her having surgery, but we will do whatever it takes to make her better and give her some relief. Also, today when I picked her up from school, her eyes were so puffy. They were really bothering her. I gave her some zaditor eye drops but she was still very swollen throughout her sinuses/eyes. I know she's headed toward another sinus infection! I just want this to stop. It's driving me crazy... I feel so helpless and as her mother I'm doing all I know to do. Similar experiences please share your stories... hopefully success stories. :-) I am desperate to get her the correct diagnosis and treatment. Also, I talked to her allergy doctor office this afternoon and they said to increase her zyrtec to 10 mg (2 tsp), continue with the flonase, and she called in a prescription eye drop, elestat. (I will give the eye drop to her for the 1st time in the morning). I also will be calling another ENT in the morning to schedule a appt. so I can get a 2nd opinion. Thanks for any experiences you have to share!

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