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Re: My own (encouraging) laparoscopy experience


Just an update. My doctor phoned me yesterday to say that my cyst was a benign serous cyst. I am very glad. I am almost completely back to normal at just slightly over one week. My ovulation this past Sunday was painful so I think that this had nothing to do with the cyst and is just me. Since everything was still tender in there, the irritation from ovulation certainly did not help but I am fine now.

I also forgot to mention in my post that for pain control I only had to take a strong anti-inflammatory the night of the surgery and a couple of Advil the next morning. After that, nothing else was necessary. My surgeon said that the most pain is felt during the first 12 hours after surgery and she is right as I needed no pain control after this time.

I hope this serves to help those of you who are planning on having this procedure and if anyone has anything else to add to this thread (from your own experience), please feel free to do so as it may help others.

All the best.