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Re: What To Do Next...Don't Want Sinus Surgery...

Ugg! All this is such a pain isn't it?? I too am faced with the prospect of surgery. My allergist seemed to want to convince me it was the only option I had if I didn't want rounds and rounds of strong antibiotics but we're at a loss as to what I can take. (As I've tried them ALL). But , I was glad when the ENT presented me with other options, though he didn't seem to place too much stock in the daily oral steroid sprays...But, he too said if my problems are caused by allergies I may want to try to control that in addition to the surgery (I am looking at some anatomical issues though, too).

I would definitely consider all possible areas before trying the surgery. This could just be me, since I have had a crazy amount of surgeries in my life, but still, it sucks to be faced with the option of surgery for your nose and that may not even be a garuantee!
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