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Re: Please help... 5 1/2 yr old child with allergies & chronic sinus infections

I'm like leigh.. that child was me as well. I do agree with seriously thinking about the shots. Surgery is usually a last resort unless the child has a blockage or seriously deformed septum or such, and it sounds like that is not the case. Plus that won't keep her from having allergy attacks and all the other symptoms, it would only reduce the infections.
Several things :
Do you have an air purifier for her bedroom? I find those are GREAT. I wish I had one growing up, probably would have helped me a lot.
Think about investigating sinus rinses (such as the Neti pot). I started this 2 years ago but I wish I had discovered it years ago! This helps me so much when my sinuses flare or get congested. You'll have to look up what the recommendations are for a child that young.
For me I take Allegra daily, but I have been getting shots for over 5 years.

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