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Re: Please help... 5 1/2 yr old child with allergies & chronic sinus infections

Has your daughter been exposed to old mold or presently living in a climate where mold exists? This can make any situation 100x worse or be the actual cause of it. Some people seem to tolerate it while others' immune system is constantly under attack and they experience health breakdown.

Believe it or not, another immune system attack can be dairy products. While some people don't test positive, it can be an allergen that can cause immune system to act like its constantly under attack. Maybe you have already explored these areas.

Sometimes reputable naturepaths can find the original offenders of the problem and once that is found and regimes are in place, many people have found relief.

I don't know if I've been much help and the above possiblilities might seem 'out there' but have proven to be the causes of problems that have led to serious consequences like the ones your poor daughter is enduring.

I hope you find some answers before drastic action needs to be taken,