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Fish Oil

There was a recent study that found that consuming 2 tsp a day of fish oil can help you to burn up to 400 extra calories a day, without lifting a finger! I don't usually buy into things like this, but I was told this (and shown the study) by a certified fitness trainer.

Do any of you use fish (omega 3) oil? To equal 2 tsp, you would have to take something like 6 capsules a day, which, on top of the pills I already have to take, I won't do (I am squeamish about swallowing big pills). So, I have opted to just taking the pure liquid fish oil. It comes in citrus and I think maybe berry flavors. The taste isn't bad, but the feeling of having a mouth full of oil is kind of disgusting. I was wondering if any of you know if this would be good mixed with any food or drink (like a smoothie). Maybe I'll just get over my pill swallowing issues and take the capsules!

I know I might sound like a nut, but I really think that this is worth a try!

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