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Re: 61 year old downs sister and Dilantin


Thank you for your help and the information. It was the ER Doctor who prescribed the Dilantin, He said that in 3 weeks would would need to take her to the doctor to have her blood levels checked.. He suggested a neurologist or her family doctor.
Her family doctor and all the staff are very good to her but since this is so serious, I will probably make an appointment with the neurologist.

We have been lucky all these years as Peggy has been high functioning.She has attended some type of program daily, all her life . A state run local
program where the van picks her up and brings her home. They have about 30 young adults at different levels. Some sever and others not as bad... She loves it,, and calls it high school

When she was young, she wanted to go to school with the rest of us children, it was not allowed back in those days. The only thing there was
at the time was a state run institution in Topeka Kansas. She lived there from ages 10 to 16 , She loved it. We would make the drive to go get her and bring her home for a few weeks, mabe twice a year.. After a day or 2 at home she would want to go back to school and be with her friends.

She has always got up early, 6 or so to wait on the van, The last 4 months since the broke ankle she has not mentioned going back to school. She sits at her table, works the same puzzle over and over and is content as long as she has her soda, her tv is on the AMC channel and she has her bedroom and all her things in the order she puts them in.

She has been sleeping later in the mornings the last few months. The days that she gets up early and we start her routein are the good days. She is always happy and we have even had a few good laughs in all these doctor visits over the last 4 months. Our goal is to get her walking good enough that she mite be abel to go back to school. I dont know if that will ever happen but we will deal with what ever comes. She is truly one of Gods special children, and a big part of our family.

Thank You for your help
Peggys sister