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losingit....I had periods of feeling so foggy and out of things I wasnt sure where I was sometimes, I also had depersonalisation, and terrible anxiety where I felt like I could not do anything and had anxious tight stomach all the time.I felt like I could just not go out of the house but did not know why, and if I pushed myself to go then I would get full blown attacks where I would get dizzy and feel like I was going to pass out and sweat and feel nauseous and legs turn to jelly and could not get myself anywhere.
Now I am getting on and off trains and buses, going out and about all day every day and actually living on my own now. All of this I thought I could never do.I am amazed at what I have been through and survived. I never thought I would be normal again.I am still afraid to say I am totally recovered, but despite the fact that I am sufering a lot of stress in my personal life I am getting by somehow and doing ok. I am so happy.