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Arrow Cant Yawn - Cant Deep Breath

Thank you for hearing my story.

I truly donít know where to begin but I have keep a journal of the last few years,.
Im 23 5í10íí 185 white male
Its started in June of 2006 I had very sharp pains in my stomach the hospital didnít know what it was they called it a peptic ulcer and I was told to stay away from acid foods. For a month after the pains got less and less and finally after a month my pain went away.
Nov 2006 the pain came back a small pain my lower stomach a constant mild pain that is with me every second of the day still to this day. . My stool had become floaty and no longer solid.
Feb of 2007 I went to a doc and they said I has acid reflux took some nexiaum didnít seem to work didnít have much money could not afford doc or pill so just dealt with my acid reflux.

Feb 2008 I woke up one morning and my breathing seemed over night to completely change. I no longer can take a full breath. When I yawn I have to fight to get it out and one out of every 10 yawns are complete. When I cough it sounds like a hick up and sneeze and my stomach fills stretched out like if im blowing it out (faking pregnet) this is also all day every day since feb 2008
I notice itís the worst after I eat.
Some time when I get anxious
My breathing problems happen every SINGLE DAY EVERY SINGLE SECOND. Since feb 2008

I have got a Colonoscopy, in march 2008 and the only thing found was the doc said everything looks good take fiber pills for ibs. funny cause I know people with ibs ibs is cramps

Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy march 2008 doc said he say some signs of acid reflux
lungs x-rayed june 2008 everything was normal.

Gall bladder text july 2008 NORMAL

And been to the doc many time and they say your breathing is just fine.

This might sound morbid but I wish the doc would tell me I had something as serous as cancer instead of walking away saying your normal. I know im not normal and this once happy funny loving guy is falling deep into a depression.


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