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FIrst visit in awhile

I posted here awhile ago as a first timer to the board. I have cervical stenosis and a disc coming off of the nreve root sleavet. I finally have surgery schd on June 11th.
I am thankful for the post about what to get ready for the surgery and what to expect after. I peruse this board daily now that it is just 4 weeks away. It was supposed to be in Feb but I decided to wait until my boys were out on summer break.
I am ready but every once in awhile I get panicked. I am sure it will go fine. It is an anterior appraoch c5-c6 and c6-c7. I just feel like I am beginning to nest. Thinking ahead to get things ready. The kids even gave me a small bible verse book for Mothers Day to take with me.
Please pray for me. If anyone has any advise at this stage pls let me know. All I can do is read what all of you have gone through and think mine should be about the same. I don't here of many cysts coming off of the nerve root sheath so that does add a sense of fear. Will he remove it, biopsy it??? The nurse has assured me that he will I called one day when I was panicking. This doc is highly respected but doesn't exactly sit dwon and slowly go over things. Believe me I am no stanger to being a pt. I have been sick for 3 1/2 yrs. Dx with Chronic Fatigue SYndrome and Hashimotos thyoiditis. Now this. If anyone at all has had the cyst pls write. But I have asked that before and got nothing.
Anyway any comments on the prep for surgery pls advise. Thanks for listening.


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