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Re: Biopsy for "atypical" fibroadenoma

Hi rapsodia,
I wish you peace and that the time goes by fast for your upcoming biopsy.
I pray that it's benign.
have you ever had to go through this before?
what is the difference between the two biopsies? why do some have an MRI guided biopsy and other's have an ultra sound guided biopsy?
how long did you have your fibroadoman before they saw that it may be changing?
and how did they find it?
did a mammogram pick it up too? or just the ultra sound?
Did you ever have an MRI of the fibroadoma?

I have SO many questions because I too have something that needs further investigation and I'm trying to jsut forget about it, till I get the 2nd U/S from a different radiologist who happens to be the director of this new breast imaging center that I was referred to by my gyno.
my gyno initially sent me for an ultrasound of my dense right breast.
they saw something, she referred me to a breast surgeon who sent me for an MRI, and now the radiologist usually tells the patient the same day of the MRI the results. but she wasn't there at that time.
so I had to wait a few days for my results.
breast surgeon then told me this radiologist wants to do her own ultra sound on it than go by the 1st set I had done at a different facility.
the 2nd U/S is coming up this friday and I'll get an answer as to whether she thinks I should get it biopsied.
my family wants me to get the biopsy anyway.
My breast surgeon spoke to me as if we were going to do it soon but after the ultra sound. so I don't know who to listen to?
the radiologist who's not treating my breast issue?
or my breast surgeon who I was initially referred to?
I'm very confused and just want to get this over with and know for sure if i have a malignancy or NOT!
so I can understand totally what you're going through, nerve wise.
I'm here for you.

PLEASE come back and give us an update.
i'll be looking for a reply from you. OK?
I wish you the best.