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at wits end, no help, someone help!!

my name is ali, i am 35 years (young) lol and have had lupus since 96
run down of my past:
stroke in 99 (i have aps too)
kidney failure (class four lesion) in 07
cerebral hemorrage april 08 (six month hospital stay)
subdural hematomas in 09
new problem..(isnt there always a new problem with lupus?)

i have avascular necrosis of the right hip. probally between the million rounds of pulse steroids, but also saying because of something called "bone infarcts"
my hip has collapsed and that means another summer in the hospital. the pain is excrutiating. i could rip this hip out myself it is so bad.
has anyone had the same problem with the hip?
as a result of this, i have to start dialysis, and because of all my past troubles, they say i may not "make it" i am petrified.

any help would be appreciated. the bone infarcts and bleeds were caused by increasingly dropping platlates.

please help. anyone..are you out there? i still work, but how can i keep going like this??
some inspiration would be appreciated as well.

love to all,

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