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Question Does anyone who has sensitivity to mold spores have teeth that hurt?

I had mold on my bedroom window for a long time, probably years, and by the time i realized it was there it was too late. I had gotten several health issues and i am still trying to recover after 3 years. I just found the mold again on my window one month ago. Also in another room i had to get rid of the carpet because it smelled musty/moldy and in the process of cleaning up the spores i found a white colored mold in the closet. I cleaned that all up recently, and i am now still working on the bedroom that had it on the window recently, and i thought i had it all cleaned up, but for some reason i am still having alot of the symptoms of mold exposure, and especially my teeth ache, and i have severe insomnia. I also get electric shock sensations at night in my legs, and i can't seem to get things done because i have brain fog and chronic fatigue syndrome. Is there anything i can take internally to help rid me of these symptoms? My teeth are driving me insane. I am constantly getting rid of my clothing and getting new bedding. This is so expensive. It seems as though when there is one mold spore i react. I have wiped and vacuumed and cleaned, to get rid of the spores, but since i am still having the reactions i am just not sure how i can fix this. Unfortuantely i am unable to move right now because i have so much stuff and i don't have the strength or the money to move, so i was wondering if there is anything i can take to help my body get stronger, or to get rid of the mold in my body since i have to stay here. And i am wondering if the reason i am having these reactions is because i have mold in my body? My life has been completey derailed since i had the first mold problem. I am now on disablilty. I am 50 and i am wondering if i will ever get better and have a normal life again. Thank you to anyone who might be able to answer my questions.

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