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Re: Chronic Pain & Lower Standard of Living

Have you tried bracing the wrist? My daughter purchased me a splint by ACE & its very affordable, I believe around 16.00. I am using splints on both wrists for now, one bought without a script & one with a script from the medical supply. The one my daughter bought me is much more comfortable & get this the one with the script was 68.00. The ACE one has gel padding. As far as your goes back you could ask if a brace would help at all for that also, or see if you can find some strecthing exercises for the sciatica. My friend had a big problem with that & had to carried into ER at one time. She was off her feet for days & when she started PT they showed her a certain stretching exercise to help & she swears by it.
I am just throwing some suggestions at you here.

I feel really bad for you with no insurance. There are more & more people with no insurance & some doctors are adjusting rates for those in need. Hopefully this continues.


Perhaps you can let her know about not having the proper pain coverage without coming right out & asking for anything.
Just state you concerned that your pain is flaring & you have you job & mom to consider & see what her response is. You do have an MRI as proof that you do have problems.
Perhaps there is an affordable anti inflammatory generic out there for arthritis that you can try. There are drug companys that help if you have no coverage. I dont know if you have tried icing your back but it really does help me, others swear by moist heat.
I will keep will you in mind & if I hear or anything that helps with back pain I will let you know. I to have to work & although I want to I dread it, never knowing how I will feel.
Hang in there & I truely hope find something that will help with your pain. God bless, Sammy

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