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Re: Chronic Pain & Lower Standard of Living

Are you taking any type of perscription anti-inflamatory? I ask because of the joint pain you have. I get 15 toradol each month and can only take them for severe pain. Toradol isn't a narcotic but its not a drug that is safe to take more than 5 days 3xs per day. I space them out so they last longer. To me Toradol is a miracle drug. Its cheap as well. My co-pay for generics is 10.00 and I only pay like 8 bucks for it at target.

Another option that is non-narcotic is steriods. You could simply ask for an injection in your hip or take the oral ones. Everytime I take any type of steriods I feel tremendous relief for about a week. Again its not something you could take daily but if you could get steriods once a month or once every other month that would help out alot.

We dont have the same problems that causes our pain but mines is similar. I have a cervial herniation at c6-7 and DDD and spinal stenosis along with arthritis all in my cervial spine. So I have bone pain, muscle spasms and knots and nerve pain that shoots down my arms along with weakness in my arms and numbness in my hands. I take lortab 5's and am allowed 2 per day. So obviously I cannot get enough relief from 60 each month. Toradol along with the steriods get me through. I don't know anything about siatica pain and what could help treat that, sorry.

I feel so bad for you. Not having insurance would leave me in so much pain. I do go to a pain clinic and they do injections/steriods/tens unit and meds for me. There is no way I could afford this without insurance. I hope you can find some inexpensive care/meds. Again I would ask your doctor for an anti-inflamatory and steriods. Most doctors dont have a problem treating pain with non-narcotic things like this. Its very hard to get narcotics on a regular basis without seeing a specialist. Good luck and I hope you feel better.


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