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Re: Biopsy for "atypical" fibroadenoma

sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
I initially wrote you a long reply and then had to delete it all because I had an emergency to tend to the other day and didn't think of saving it and then coming back to it another time.

what type of biopsy was performed?
a fine needle? or a core needle biopsy guided by Ultra sound?
or mammo?
from reading I do know there about four different types depending on the size and location of the tumor or if it's a cyst or solid.
I agree with you about reading too much.
it can put more fear into our already nervous minds.
the waiting is the worst thing of all.

I did go for the ultra sound on Friday and the radiologist confirmed that I do need to have a biopsy. a bilateral biopsy because she see's something in the left breast as well. but feels the one in the left may be just benign because of the shape of it, just like you mentioned about your shape. whether it be taller vs wider, etc.
I wound up making an apptn for the biopsy wtih the radiologist because she performs them in this womans breast facility. not realizing, all I was supposed to do was get the ultra sound performed by her, get her opinion on whether it matched up with the MRI and then go see my breast surgeon.
well did I cause problems between the two doctors.
leave it up to me to cause chaos.... such drama.
now my breast surgeon thinks the radiologist was trying to take her patient away.
but it's all been fixed and the surgeons nurse called me to reschedule the apptn., WITH the breast surgeon who went onto explain in detail how she is going to numb the breasts, then make a small incision where she will perform the core biopsy and then put in two titanium markers that won't effect me or hurt me. I was told I wont' need any type of sedative so I can drive myself home and return to normal activities the same day.
it's so different than it used to be compared to when my sisters had their diagnosis of breast carcinoma and the biopsy that she went through.

times are changing swiftly and if we were ever going to get a dx of BC, now would be the time to have it rather than the past because they're able to catch it earlier and earlier now which means better and quicker treatment while in the beginning stages rather than later when it's harder to treat.

my date is set up for June 4th at 9am.
I"m not nervous about it. and like you said, it's a 50/50 chance.
doctors are taught not to show their emotions.
and I find that most of them always say "they feel it's nothing" and or "not to worry".
that's what was said to my 1st sister dx'd with BC. her dr. told her he thought everything looked good when he did the biopsy so she left there thinking she didn't have cancer. was she ever shocked when she got the news.
so it's better to go in with the attitude it may be cancer, this way you can at least handle the news if it winds up being malignant.

Did you get your results back yet?

Hope you get this reply and hope you are doing well.

best wishes,