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Originally Posted by Dozyoff View Post
RLS is also "misdiagnosed" as growing pains because most patients don't know what it is to have real RLS. Those who suffer from RLS (95%) will tell you that there is NO pain, but it's an uneasy feeling which is indescribable at best. So whenever someone claims to have RLS and it's associated with's not RLS. Most RLS sufferers will tell you that they rather suffer with pain than to deal with the uneasy creepy crawly feelings in their legs, torso, or arms. RLS is still being researched by doctors and it's idiopathic. Sorry, but I don't believe that those who suffer from pain and call it RLS are actually suffering from RLS. As a matter of fact...I think that it's another disorder or just muscle pain altogether. As I said before...I'd rather suffer with pain than deal with the indescribable feelings that I experience in my arms, legs, and torso.

I guess this is were we agree to disagree, because believe me living with chronic pain is no walk in the park. I do have creepy crawly, tingling, itching sensations and I would take them over pain any day.
I also got this info. on the RLS Official Web Page
COMMON SYMPTOMS OF RLS; Sensations can be "painful"or just uncomfortable and are often described as a general urge to move the legs (or other affected limbs).
So unless you have a medical degree, please don't tell people who experience pain because of their rls that they don't have rls, and must have something else. I guess the 95% of REAL RLS sufferers that don't experience the pain are slightly luckier than those of us who have all the symptoms INCLUDING PAIN.

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