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Re: Hysterectomy or not? What are my options?


Do you currently have a uterine fibroid (or more)? If not, I wouldn't think you would begin to develop them this close to menopause. (even if you have 10 or 15 years until meno). If you don't have fibroids and your doctor is using the "fertile ground for fibroids," then I'd HIGHLY suggest you get to another doctor for another opinion. Most women devleop their fibroids over decades, usually from their early 20s into their 30s and/or 40s. Fibroids begin to shring (at least a little) after menopause.

Oh wait, you asked about "fibroid cysts." I don't know what those are.

If I were you, I'd ask my doctor about the effect my ovaries had on the migraines. That needs to be a consideration in whether you keep them or ask the doctor to remove them. Your doctor can do a hyst and leave the ovaries, or take them (also called bilateral salpingo oophorectomy or BSO).

I hope that helps.