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Re: Biopsy for "atypical" fibroadenoma

Hello thanks for getting back to me. I had the biopsy on Friday afternoon -15th- an ultrasound guide core needle biopsy, local numbing, got to watch on the monitor as the radiologist inserted needle and removed tissue samples. I didn't know about the titanium clip until he finished getting samples and told me he was inserting the clip to 'mark' the mass to alert on future mammograms that yes, this had been biopsied; also, to find it again if they need to go back. I've been telling friends that I now have a bionic breast.

Still awaiting results. After the biopsy was finished, the radiologist made some remark about getting the results to "confirm" that it's a fibroadenoma. And yes, all the reading I've done drove me crazy because mine has well-circumscribed margins (very rare in a malignant mass) but is taller than wide (very rare in a benign mass) so I assume one will cancel the other out, hoping it will be the former. And I know about 80% of biopsies being benign, but then how does that explain the women who are diagnosed? Some end up in the 20% group-- and you start to feel guilty that you're hoping it's someone else and not you.

I will probably call the imaging center later today- dogs woke me to go out and here I am online- to see if a result is in. I'm hoping I don't have to wait for the public health doctor's phone call on Friday as the waiting is driving me crazy.

But right now I am dealing with the pain and heartache of ending a relationship of nearly 3 years with my guy, who went with me to the biopsy (they told me I needed to have someone drive me home; I still don't understand why). Then the next afternoon when I asked about our plans for the evening, he informed me that he was attending a performing arts event directed by his former lover (with whom I've been repeatedly told for over 2 years now is a "friend"- who he offers to pick things up for whenever he's going out of town etc. and doesn't really 'see' but I know from mutual friends he is frequently in touch with and offering various kinds of assistance). He had not asked if I wanted to attend- probably because I stopped attending these shows a long time ago- but bought one ticket last week, then waited until 3 hrs before the event to inform me he was going, leaving me with no plans- and a very sore right breast- for Saturday night. Then I realized why he'd acted a bit surprised when I had told him the biopsy was scheduled for Friday- opening night of the show- and he said, "No, that's fine" and agreed to go, but obviously went out promptly and bought ONE ticket for Saturday night-- and never told me.

This is the same man who took care of me for two weeks following a hysterectomy last year and who has been very helpful and supportive, even financially, when needed. I've just looked the other way about this "friend" (who never called, visited, or sent a card when I was in the hospital and never gets invited to any gatherings to which he invites other friends) and finally had enough. The day after a biopsy for cancer, for God's sake, and he chose to support her event rather than take me to dinner or relax with me at home. I guess, in his mind, he gave me one night; Saturday night was her night. But I have no right to complain, because these shows are only a few times a year-- and he makes plans with me all the other nights.

Sorry this is so long, but now I feel like news of cancer would be nothing. At least cancer can be cut out. My heart is completely broken; I feel empty and rejected that he's, really, choosing his "friendship" with her over his relationship with me. I didn't buy his argument that I was trying to control who he could be friends with and that he didn't want to lose friends. All my friends are telling me I deserve better. But it hurts just the same. He's asked if my results have come back, and I told him that my results are none of his concern.