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Cool Re: Is chronic pain something that is experienced?

Hiya jj,

further to my 1st post - one thing I must advise against is actually 'telling' the doctor that you think you have lupus. Some doctors can be very sensitive about patients telling them what they think it might be. After all we see them because we are unwell and in need of their help. If we go ready to say 'it is a, b or c' then they will not be too happy.

I know of someone who actually was told by the doctor "I am the doctor, I put myself through University to be a doctor, what are your qualifications in my field?" They do not like it when you 'tell' them what you think it is. By all means as I said if you are asked, just say 'might it be.....?'

If you go and have a list of your symptoms, yes that is ok, but wait until he/she asks all the relevant questions, which are usually about things going back into childhood. Then if you are asked what you think it could be, by all means suggest it might be an autoimmune problem like lupus. Be careful though again, as the doctors might be unhappy that you have read up on lupus and if you go with a definite off pat-list of symptoms, then they could say you are using the material you have read to diagnose yourself.

I am only telling you this so that you are ok when you go to see someone. It is very difficult and frightening to be unwell in the first place I know, but I would hate for you to be upset by any remarks made by a doctor who isn't very sensitive to your feelings.

Take care

I am not a medical doctor, I only speak from my own experience of the illnesses I discuss here.

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