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Re: Sinus Tachycardia / PAC's & PVC's Support

I have had PVCs since I was a teenager. They are totally different than the bouts of racing heart that I get. Some things I have noticed is that I get one when I raise my arms above my head, when I strain to pick something up, when I'm stressed, when I've been dehydrated and when I've drank a lot of caffeine. I don't drink that anymore. I'm starting to wonder if this happens because the heart is affected physically, like with an enlarged stomach (could it be overcrowding the heart?), by the diaphragm or lungs (sometimes when I take a deep breath). Could the heart actually be jarred or bumped, then skip a beat? Also, could it be the adrenaline that we must have to be able to lift our arms or any other movement?
My daughter (she's 18) just had an episode of these. I was upset because it looks like she's inherited this from me. I noticed she was stressed (although she denied it), wasn't sleeping and had no appetite. The doctor first wanted to put her on antidepressants. She refused (I supported that). we took her to a heart specialist and she wore a monitor (the kind where it calls in an EKG immediately). They were not serious but were happening a lot. I started reading about nutrition and thought she might have some vitamin deficiencies. I began force feeding her supplements (just vitamins, no herbs!)
and within one week, they were gone. Since I've been taking them, I havent had any unless I move around like I described above. With my daughter, she could be sitting doing nothing and they would happen.

If anyone reads this and is freaked out or scared, please believe these really are harmless. It is unsettling because it involved the heart, I know, believe me. But no two hearts are alike. No two hearts beat the same. Some people have PVCs that they dont even feel, LOTS of them, and they are not affected. Some people are more sensitive and feel every one of them.
The stress of worrying about them can make them worse, so its best to take a vacation from worrying and I bet they will get better! :-)