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Re: Toxic Mold Questions, Anyone able to help with my questions? Thank you

I am surprised you haven't had any responses. I used to live in an area riddled with mold and even if you could rid your home of it, it was outside, everywhere.

Mold is a poisonous and therefore, highly toxic hazard. It cannot be gotten rid of with simple cleaning practises and needs special treatments. It is next to impossible to get rid of.

Mold can damage the immune and nervous systems and can cause any number of problems from infections to depression. I don't think there is sure cure that you can take to counter-act living in mold. If there was one, I would have lunged at it when I had to endure life surrounded by mold. Even old mold spores affect the same way. Maybe if you know of ways that work for you to boost your immune system, you might have a fighting chance. Also, I checked the internet under 'how to live with mold' and found many helpful suggestions.

I hope you can do some checking and help yourself before you get too run down.