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Re: Toxic Mold Questions, Anyone able to help with my questions? Thank you

Dear Trychocolate,
Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply and for the suggestion to look up 'living with mold' on the internet. I looked it up and found some suggestions to try. It sounds like you had quite a bad experience with mold too. How are you doing now? I was unknowinly sleeping with it in my bedroom for what i think was a few years, and i didn't know what was affecting me as i developed many health problems. I still deal with insomnia, depression, memory problems, bladder issues, painful teeth, painful feet, joint pain, chemical sensitivity, and i had an eye infection which damaged my optic nerve which the doctor said was permanent, but i am hoping it will heal over time. I still have old spores and new ones as well, and i am still trying to get rid of them by painting, wiping with hydrogen peroxide, shalacking floors, throwing away clothes, blankets, sheets, i had to get a different car, and i am constantly trying not to cross contaminate. It is a full time job, due to it being almost impossible not to cross contaminate and sometimes i am so tired i just can't do it correctly. I am hoping someone who has had the same problem with painful teeth will respond to my post. I have heard it is not uncommon for mold to cause that, but i haven't spoken to anyone yet who actually has it or has had the problem. Mold is so horrible. So many people live in mold and are sick from it but don't realize it, and are just getting sicker every day. I have spoken with a few people who have fibromyalgia who after i ask them they tell me that at one time or another they had alot of mold in thier living environment. Take care and thank you again for your help,

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