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Re: Toxic Mold Questions, Anyone able to help with my questions? Thank you

Thank you tiredsoul. I am sorry that you have to treat so many symptoms and perhaps feeling like you are being slowly poisoned.

I haven't looked at this board before and am going to when I get a minute.

About the teeth: if you are already using a toothpaste especially designed for sensitive teeth and leaving it in your mouth to swish around after brushing before you rinse it out, then the problem could be nutritional, sinus, jaw issues or a combination of, like me. Also, small amounts of toothpaste or sore gum relievers can be applied.

I had/have so many health issues all my life and I don't know if the mold exposure did permanent damage although when I got exposed to it here, for one year, I came down with a 'phantom' asthma and severe coughing that cleared up quite well after moving to another home. I can be found on other boards and I feel better knowing that I am not alone in having more health issues than I know what to do with. I see myself as aging very quickly and am glad to be able to focus on positive things and able to engage in a little volunteer work. It helps my mind and heart immensely.

Anyway, can I ever post something short?

Hoping you find relief,