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Re: Anyone with Chronic idiopathic nausea?

Originally Posted by Bungee3006 View Post
Hi guys. This is my first time posting, Im looking for people with chronic idiopathic nausea. Having recently been "diagnosed" after 3 years of terrible sympotoms, Im looking for others with this disorder. I can find barely any information online, and it seems that there are no recognised treatment plans. Just trial and error.
Its not strictly a digestive disorder, but with the symptom being nausea, I guess this is the board that would most closely fit.
I am taking:
Amitryplinine (with the hope it can prevent the nausea)
Metoclopramide (to eleviate symptoms)
Zofran (for a rescue remedy for bad nausea)

Anyone else going through this? And how are you managing your symptoms?

I too have had nausea for 3 years now, though it's only been constant for the last 1. Before that, it only happened a few times a month. I take Remeron (an antidepressant and 5HT-3 antagonist) and Prilosec (a PPI). I have next to no nausea with these drugs. I would recommend the Remeron if you can afford some weight gain. The side effect profile is much safer than Reglan. Good luck =)