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Re: Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR

Dear bossygirl and WindieOne:

You each are at the same stage of your recovery - only 8 weeks past surgery for hip replacement. These are such "early days" as the British say!

One thing I would suggest is that you use a walker instead of a cane - I hope you have one available. This for use at home because I understand about using a cane when out and about.

The walker gives more balanced distribution of your weight. And don't lean on the walker - use it just for balance and sense of security. Stand tall and whizz along.

Neither of you will be using a walking aid forever, but when you are tired it is not unusual to need some support, in my experience.

Don't try to be heroes! What for? You aren't getting graded!

When you are home and feeling tired, lie down for awhile and give your body a rest that way. At home, vary your activities so that you are not standing, lying down, sitting down, for long periods at a time. Keeping one position for too long makes one stiff then when changing position.

Improvement will come gradually. Your bodies will heal at their own pace, so stop fretting. Your body knows what to do.

Shirley H.