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Re: spinal cord stimulator questions

Hello Deviphish I had my implant since dec 08. it can tell you that it can help at times and then there are those times the pain is just to intense that u need meds. I have a fusion from L3-S1, Lami L4-S1. I currently suffer from fbs and have permenant nerve damage in my right leg. As far as your questions I will answer to the best of my ability.
1. It mostly covers my leg pain my doc tried to get lumbar coverage but I think the pain is just to much-I get a slight sensation in that region.
2. My trail period was only 4 days they just use leads and it's not a major surgery. same day surgery
3. I didn't need another lami, I would question why he needs to do it.
4. Yes I can
5. The surgery was about 2 to 4 hours that includes pre and post op.My scar is actually 3 inches.
6. Recovery time i was up at at it. I really didn't have a hard recovery it was like I had a cut that needed to heal and that was that.
7. I use mine I would say about 8-12 hours a day or until it get's annoying
8.I'm sure it depends on the make and model you have. My battery has a 5 yr life w/ a weekly recharge
9. Yes still on Pain Meds

I had to come to a conclusion that pain will always be living with me but that doesn't me that I live with pain. I don't think that anything will get rid of all back pain because the area is so sensitive. Dev I hope I help you with your decision oh and by the way my make ANS stimulator I love it becasue I put the stimulation where I want it. Take Care
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