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One year I'm positive, now I'm not???

I was diagnosed with Lupus three years ago...all the symptoms and the ANA and anti DNA confirmed. I've done the plaquenil and tons of pain pills all to no avail. Rarely a break from pain and as time has gone by my vision has gone haywire.

My Rheumatologist took me off the plaquenil and we just let things ride with me taking pain pills and grinning and bearing it....he was costing me a fortune, so I didn't go back for a year. Well, my symptoms still have not really eased for more than a week at a vision still goes to double and blurred, regularly throughout the day, every day.

I finally went back to the Rheumatologist last week and he sent me for new blood work. He also commented that he thought my skin looked strange as well as the texture of my hair. He said he was thinking maybe I was having thyroid issues along with the lupus.

Well, I went back today to get the results and guess what???? He says that my thyroid results were normal....and, so was everything else! Now he says, that maybe it isn't Lupus. His diagnosis is Unspecified autoimmune disease and Sjorgens syndrome (though the Sjorgens was not revealed in the tests either, but my eyes are so dry they are stickly, as well as my nose and mouth.).

Has anyone once diagnosed and confirmed with bloodwork ever went back to normal results?? This has me baffled. I still have all the same symptoms. He said this could mean I have actual joint damage since no pain meds help. He is starting me on methotrexate which also has me freaked out. Can someone give me some words of wisdom??? Thanks!

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