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Re: One year I'm positive, now I'm not???

hi, thanks for responding. I'm not sure which anti dna was positive. Yes they've done xrays and the opthamologist's office has become my second home for the past year. Initially he thought it was the they took me off of it. My eyes were so dry it was awful...they had me using restasis, did nothing. Then he plugged my lower tear ducts....nothing, still dry. My Rheumatologist had me stop everything including Motrin and aspirin. No change. the opthamologist said it had to be related to the lupus.

I still have all my joint pain as well as dry, hot fevers at night and sometimes during the day. Total fatigue, muscle soreness. sores on my head and in my nose sometimes. Sometimes in my mouth as well. The rheumatologist says that the reason he is hedging on the lupus diagnosis is because some of my symptoms seem to be of a couple of other autoimmune disorders. The blood work just really floored me coming back negative.