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Re: Hysterectomy or not? What are my options?

Originally Posted by copitamie View Post
I'm 48, am quite anemic due to heavy menstrual flow, suffer from hormonal migraines (at least once a month), and suffer from fibroid cysts.

My PCP has recommended that I look into either a uterine ablation or hysterectomy as a way to take care of the anemia, which he feels will also help with my migraines and will improve my overall feeling of well being. I have researched the Novasure (uterine ablation), and due to the amount of horror stories that I've read, I am leaning more towards a hysterectomy, however, I'm not sure that I need one.

I take iron supplements, but I don't tolerate it well and have a problem with absorption. But, I haven't been to a hemotologist to explore my options with the anemia issue.

And what about the fibroid cysts? Are they a concern? My gynecologist feels that I should just have my uterus removed, since I don't want more children and that it's (the uterus), is just a fertile ground for tumors to grow.

And if I have a hysterectomy, will my migraines, which are mainly hormonal, subside or get worse?

Please help, how do I find the answers?

I really appreciate your comments.