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My Husband, 43 yrs. old was just dx with prostate ca, gleason score of 6

Please, anyone who can offer any input or information. My husband had a high PSA level a month ago (over 5). I wanted him to get a level b/c of his frequent trips to the bathroom. The report came back today, I'm not a doctor, but it shows 4 out of 6 specimens positive: specimen b: malignant (3+3) =6 PTI: 20% specimen c: Malignant (3+3)= 6 30% specimen e: malignant (3+3)= 6 20% specimen f maligant (3+3)=6 15%

based on the above, and the his age (he will be 44 this Aug), should he have his prostate removed or radiation? Has anyone know or personally experienced prostate ca at this age? Please help with any information, thank you.

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