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Severe Hypochondria...Eating away my life...I am experiencing a bout right now...

Hello friends,

I've been on this website for a few years now and I've never shared my pain with anyone else before. I have severe hypochondria and it is ruining my life. It has been ruining my life for many years now. I become OBSESSED over diseases and begin researching them on ***** and other websites, over and over again until the fear goes away after a few weeks. Then it's another fear that overcomes my life and totally destroys me. It is so frustrating and painful. I just don't know what to do really. I've never told anyone this before.

Here are my current fears. Neurofibromatosis and Muscle dystrophy. I have scoliosis and multiple lipomas which runs in my family. Guess what? The main symptoms of Neurofibromas are skeletal abnormalities and neurofibromas. I swear to you that for the past 3 weeks I've been researching the differences between a lipoma and neurofibroma. I haven't been able to get any answers. This fear went any slowly.

However, a few fear took its place. Yesterday for no reason I researched a disease I had seen on House MD. I am now obsessed with Muscle dystrophy. Some of these conditions occur during adulthood. I am 21. I am afraid. Even now I am making a list of all of the types of Muscle Dystrophies and researching symptoms.

I need help. I don't want to be drugged up. I am scared. I feel sick. I feel like as if I am rotting away from the inside.

Please help me,

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