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child with cronic cough only at home

Hello, I was hoping that maybe someone would have some suggestions at to why my 6yr old might be coughing. She has been coughing since Valentines day 3 months ago. I have had her to the doctor and to the lung specialist and had exrays done. She has been on a 20 day antibiotic, albuterol inhaler, singulare and we even tried zantac for possible silent acid reflux.

Nothing has worked! What's really wierd is she only coughs at home! She occasionally coughs when we are out and about but no coughing at school. She's only 6 so it's hard to find out exactly why she is coughing, how does it feel when she coughs. She hits her chest when she does too. When she was younger, I think around 2, we had her to an allergist and she was tested for allergies and there were no significant reactions. If she had an allergy to our cats, dog or bird you would think that the symptoms would last past being in the house. I don't know what to do.

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