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Re: My Husband, 43 yrs. old was just dx with prostate ca, gleason score of 6

kcon, first, thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my post. I am sorry to hear of your dx., 49 is young, but I find your spirit strong and uplifting. As hard as this is to accept at the moment, I found comfort and enlightment in your response. I intend to get the books you recommended. The information you provided is extremely helpful. It will be extremely helpful to us we consider all the options. Like you, my husband is busy in his work, kids, etc. and seems to have the same outlook about his life as you. I had a question for you about your dx. You mentioned that all your pre-clinical testing showed that the prostate cancer had not spread and was localized. Did you have a lymph node biopsy? or x-rays? My husband's urologist didn't think it was necessary for him to get further testing, and based on the pathology findings, felt that it is localized. I am wondering whether he should undergo additional work-up to r/o the possibility of metastatis. I feel pretty good that it hasn't, but I guess I'm being extra cautious. I'm sure I will have more questions for you, I will think of them as I discuss this further with my husband. Stay strong.