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Re: child with cronic cough only at home

Originally Posted by evilpinklolli View Post
Even though she isn't allergic, she could have an intolerance, meaning she has an abnormal sensitivity to a food, drug, even to just dust or pollen. Usually all symptoms go away once whatever was bothering her is taken away, which would explain why she is perfectly healthy once she leaves your house.

It isn't an allergy, but some symptoms are similar. coughing, swelling, and occasionally a fever or vomiting can occur. If you want to figure out what's triggering her reactions you should expose her to diffrent materials, objects, rooms, or food throughout the day then romove each one individually. If her symptoms stop after a certain object is removed, then that was the problem.

You should also clean your house as best as you can, seeing how mold, dust, pollen, and other particles in the air, carpets, and furniture can also be a problem. You might have to remove any carpets in the house if it continues.

An intolerance is normal so don't become too worried, many people have them. My brother is intolerant to chocolate, but not allergic, his test coming back normal. But he still can't eat it because he throws up and gets horrible stomach aches.

I hope this helps. ^.^
I don't see how it could be a food allergy since it happens as soon as she walks in the house not after she eats. There's no way I could remove objects individually. It's through the whole house. We also have the house cleaned every week by a housekeeper. I even switched to all natural cleaners 6 months or more ago. She's done this coughing on and off for 2 years and it seemed to all start about the time I got her a new bunk board for the bed so I encased it in 2 layers of plastic protection. Her cough did not change so then I bought her a new mattress and the cough has not changed. New allergy pillow casing too. I just though posting on here might give me an "Ah ha!" moment with someones answer, but not yet.